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Image Eye is a fast - and free - image viewer with a nice clean user interface
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3 November 2015

Editor's review

Image Eye has a sharp eye for images and nothing else which makes it a highly focused software serving its purpose.
You would have experienced images you are viewing being cluttered with unwanted toolbars and buttons. This simple program helps you browse through your images as well as makes all the required features available only when required. You can use the right-mouse click option to view all the program options. It is small, works fast and has a sparse interface for easier use. Images can be resized, rotated, edited, and resampled. These changes are applied when you open the image next. Users worldwide can find the application useful as its menus support multiple languages. It is compatible with ‘Any Image’ software for advanced image conversions if required.
The features and the interface options make this utility unique compared to other image viewing software. You could use it with no obligations.

Publisher's description

Image Eye is a fast - and free - image viewer with a nice clean user interface.
Feature high-lights:
- The only image viewer you need for viewing and browsing images.
- Clean with no unnecessary menus and toolbars wasting desktop space.
- Uncompromising image quality.
- Small and very fast, highly tuned code.
- Reads all common image file formats.
- Image index feature with very fast thumbnail-icon creation.
- Rotate, mirror, zoom, pan, adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness, hue, saturation, gamma, ...
- Adjustments can be saved non-destructively (and reapplied next time you open it).
- It does not attempt to be a half-baked editor, format converter, or media player.
- It does include a simple slide show scripting language.
- Translated to several languages.
- Freeware and Open Source!
Features for the tech-nerds:
- Deep color & HDR support (up to 32-bit floating point / color component).
- High quality dithering for superior display of high bit-depth images.
- Asynchronous file I/O allows decompression to start before file read finish.
- Speculative decoding & caching of images in the background.
- Data parallelism exploitation with SSE/SSE2/SSE3/SSE4 SIMD vector-instructions.
- Task parallelism exploitation through extensive multi-core support.
- Hand tuned code optimizations for critical code paths.
- High quality resampling (image resizing) using Catmull-Rom interpolation.
- Extensive text meta data support.
- Native x64 (64-bit) and x86 (32-bit) versions.
Image Eye
Image Eye
Version 9.1
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